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J.B ENTERPRISE provides all kinds of
# IPS Batteries ,
# Automotive Batteries,
# Solar Batteries &
# Industrial Batteries.
Besides this we Supply Tubular Industrial IPS Batteries & Tall Tubular IPS Batteries.

Call 01914705339 or visit our office for all famous & best quality battery brands at the lowest price in Chittagong.
Rahimafrooz,  Navana, Hamko, Rangs, Volvo, Apollo, BT, Voltex brand IPS Special Battery
and Eastern, Rahimafrooz,  Rimso, J.co brand Tubular Industrial IPS Battery are available here at the most cheapest price.

 Hamko ips battery

Lucas battery dealer price

Rangs battery

1. Rahimafrooz Batteries
(Spark, Tall Tubular)
2. Navana Batteries
3. Hamko Batteries
4. Rangs Power Batteries
5. Apollo Batteries
6. Eastern Tubular Industrial Batteries
7. Rimso Batteries